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Sustainability and ecological awareness are at the core of Northern Connection

Sustainability and ecological awareness are at the core of Northern Connection and the project strives to create touring, exchanging ideas and contents and presenting music in a sustainable fashion.

With this program, composers will get new commissions, ensembles will get new material for their repertoire and festivals will get new program from the neighbouring countries – which is sustainable and financially wise. New contacts, ideas and networks will strengthen co-operation and bring additional value to the contemporary art field in the northern area.​

The instrumentation of the commissioned works is intentionally small and suitable for all three ensembles taking part in Northern Connection. Therefore, each ensemble can include all three new works in their repertoire, and no large instruments or extended line-up of musicians are needed when touring with this programme. Ultimately, this will reduce carbon dioxide emission when touring, and the new works are more likely to be performed again.


To minimize carbon footprint, an essential idea of Northern Connection is to move music, not people. The commissioned works will be premiered in partner festivals by local ensembles. When traveling and touring, all partners of Northern Connection are committed to travel causing as small a carbon dioxide emission as possible. This means that ensembles and composers will actively look for opportunities to have several performances and meetings at the destination area during their stay. Planning of the project, as well as networking between the partners of Northern Connection, happens in online meetings.

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