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Northern Connection's 1st premiere 

Defunensemble performing Lisa Robertson's "Am Fàsach" at Musica nova Helsinki festival, March 1st 2023, G Livelab club. Photos by Julius Töyrylä.

Northern Connection's 2nd premiere 

Ensemble Temporum performing Lauri Supponen's "North" at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, September 23 2023. Photos by: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengaard / Ultima

Northern Connection's 3rd premiere 

Red Note Ensemble performing Tine Surel Lange's "Flaskepost" at Sound Scotland, October 25th 2023. Photos by: Henning Askjer Lefsaker

Watch an interview video on Tine Surel Lange and "Flaskepost".

Northern Connection at Classical:Next 2024

Northern Connection Meet-Up session at Classical:NEXT 2024, May 15 2024 in Berlin – more info.

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